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We're excited to tell you what makes us unique and how it will benefit you!
H. A. Kramer & Associates, PA ("HAKAPA") was founded in 1989 by Howard A. Kramer, CFP®, AIF®, to provide holistic fiduciary advice, comprehensive life planning, and expert financial management that align with your values and goals.
We focus on protecting, nurturing and encouraging the best version of yourself. Our passion is to advocate for your best interest and to help you attain peace-of-mind, growing confidence, and the results you desire.
Over the past three decades, many of our clients have become family. We have advised them through life's most difficult, stressful, and rewarding transitions.

What makes us different

Most people seek the services of a "financial advisor" to discuss retirement planning and investment management. This is also where most wealth management firms concentrate their services, often focusing on products before they know you and your story. Howard goes beyond money talk and digs deeper with you by encouraging a holistic and intimate conversation.
Our team is equipped to help you accumulate, protect, and distribute your wealth, but more importantly, we want to help you navigate life's challenges along the way. For our clients, it's not just about establishing financial security, but also designing a legacy to leave their loved ones.

How we work

We've covered what we do, here's how we do it. We start with regular and personal communication, gathering personal data and discovering the details about your life that will help us achieve your objectives and get you to your destination.
You'll reach out to us when you get a new job or a grandchild is on the way. And call us when you are battling health issues, a loved one is experiencing diminished capacity or death, thinking of downsizing, struggling with a relationship, or you are just having a rough day.
Our role is to help you navigate through the challenging times so you can relish in the enjoyable ones. We'll help you get organized as you've never been before. We are here to listen, to have difficult conversations, and to coach you when approaching complicated topics with family or co-workers.
As investment managers, we recognize that personal circumstances and market conditions are constantly evolving. Regular communication allows us to make adjustments to meet your evolving needs.
Everyone's journey is unique; contact us today and let us customize a plan and relationship that is always focused on you.



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